“While, we offer a variety of parts for small custom built PCs, with a large selection of CPU coolers and case fans. We specialize in high-end complete systems built for gaming, content creation, trading, and productivity powerhouses.”

Complete Systems


Small.  Yet Powerful.

Four by four inches of high tech goodness, our ApolloNUC comes fully loaded and ready for action.  Open Programs at full speed with our Blazing Solid State Drives, and get more done with our matching selection of Displays, Keyboards, and Mice.  All ready to go out of the box, of course.

Starting at $499


High end.  Classic Style.

Redefining the desktop, the Athena was designed from scratch to provide a silent, smooth and lightning fast experience.  A computer that doesn’t care how many apps you have open, it’ll perform every time.  Choose between two powerful system’s depending on how much speed you can handle.

Starting at $629

Nymbus One

Performance Powerhouse.

Building on the near perfection of the Athena System with increased storage and over 10x the graphics power.  This is for those that will appreciate the difference.  The Nymbus One was designed for the person that needs raw horsepower for games, and maybe some video editing, and maybe some content creation, and maybe some…you get the idea.

Starting at $1199


Demand for the Best.

Achieving a balanced, powerful, and quiet PC is not a simple task, but our Epoch machine is a force to be reckoned with.  Utilizing M.2 PCIe for a 40% performance gain over the fastest SSD, we coupled it with an i7 processor, 16GB Memory, a GTX 980 ti, and an additional 3TB storage.

Starting at $2299

We feel our computers are more than just solid state drives and memory sticks.  Diligent hard work ensures each machines is expertly balanced, incredibly durable, and mind-blowingly fast.  Every piece that goes into any ApolloForge PC has been tested and thoroughly evaluated to ensure rock solid performance and reliability. We don’t stop at just rocking hardware though, our customizable software selection lets you choose what software gets put in your machine, letting you mix and match the best of the best.  So, when you open your ApolloForge box it really is yours.